Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where did July go?

August 1st - and we've barely had summer - good weather didn't begin until July 5 and we're still not having a steller summer, although no rain, thank god! Have enough of that in the winter.
I've shamefully not been writing much for the past several months. Dug out Winter's Edge and have worked some on that, but nothing like 12 chapters or something. It's not writer's block - actually don't really think there is such a thing - I think writer's block is pretty much either laziness, or lack of stimulus or the book is going in the wrong direction or wrong character - and the subconscience holds up both scrawny hands and says STOP. And until the brain catches up with that, you're stuck - anyway, my problem is lack of something that pushes me to discipline myself to writing "X" number of pages a day.
I've also begun to think I need some changes in my life - maybe a new hobby - read in the paper today about collecting glass shards from the ocean. This would be fun . . . if I lived close to the ocean. Unfortunately, we don't. I suggested "birding" to Richard - he laughed. Not sure I'd really stick to that for long either. Last time I felt this way I quit smoking and met Richard. Those were BIG changes. Not sure that's what I have in mind. Collecting something always interests me, however. But have no idea what I would collect. Would be fun to get a couple of kittens - but Kaluha would HATE that. He'd be tramatized. So I'll keep thinking. Maybe I'll take some kind of class this fall.
Meantime - I've done little or nothing on Something about Harry all summer, and actually haven't done much on Winter. Hum-m-m - where'd I hide that discipline?
Guess I need to post notes to myself. Have to do something to jump start myself.