Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow, snow, go away . . .

Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the snow is still on the ground and the bitter cold is still with us . . . BUT, the sun is out and it's supposed to start raining and warm up tomorrow. Yeah!! Rich went into work today - said roads weren't bad - I remain a winter wuss - namely a snow and ice wuss, thus I will remain in my little warm house.
No critique today - actually wasn't planning to go anyway because as stated above . . .
So I shall write. All is quiet here, desk is cleared and organized once again, house is clean, wash is done - I have no excuses left. Chapter 18 will be completed by this evening. Must take the time to read through entire book thus far and find all those loose ends I've let dangle. Events have happened throughout this book that I didn't see coming. While I feel I'm staying on track, there are happenings that should lead to something else that I don't feel I've gone full circle on yet. Much work to be done!!
FINALLY received my postcard back from Writer's Digest Short Short contest stating they received my entry. Was beginning to wonder as had heard nothing, check hadn't been cashed, etc. Have a feeling they received hundreds, if not thousands of entries. Not holding my breath for any amazing results.

Would like to begin Christmas shopping this weekend - Friday will be wild. Snow will be pretty much gone and everyone and their dog will be out there, not only because that's normally the biggest shopping day of the year, but now because of the snow, everyone has cabin fever - may just do a local yocal thing - or wait until Sat.
For now it's into the shower and then writing. Ta-da.

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Snowing!!!

Perfect day for writing. Yesterday was the first snowfall of the season. But, alas it was all gone by noon. A dusting appeared around 4:30, then the temperature dropped and we awakened to the same, now frozen, dusting. However it started snowing again around 9:30 this morning - big, fluffy flakes and I supposed we may have an inch or two on the ground. Rich left for work around 8:00 - streets were bare - not the case now. It's now going on 11:00 and it's still snowing, although not nearly as hard. According to the weather report, the sun will come out tomorrow (sounds like a song title) and then it's supposed to warm up and rain for the remainder of the week. Hope so, because we're headed for Snoqualmie Ridge for TG on Thursday.
Anyway, as said, it's a perfect day for writing. Wish Rich was home. Worry about him driving home tonight. Hope he leaves early. Doubt this stuff is going to melt before nightfall.
Want to finish Chapter 18 before Wednesday critique. Need to bring Harry back in the picture - have maybe eight more pages to write . . . so better get busy!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Again . . .

Boy the weekends go fast. It would seem since I'm no longer working outside the home, that weekends would just blur into the week days - but I think since Rich is still working, there are still weekends. Probably always will be since that is our social time.
Debating whether to go see the doctor for this weird stuff going on with my body - similar to the residual from migranes, but no longer have the headaches. However, it's keeping me from sleeping and feeling good. Strange stuff. Should probably go and at least ask a few questions since it's been going on since Oct 30th. May have to take a nap since I didn't go to bed last night until 3:00, then woke up at 4:30 with an anxiety attack - read until 5:15 - blood pressure high - went back to bed and crashed until 9:00 this morning.

However, through it all, I did manage to get 5 pages written on Chapter 18 last night before midnight, and reading it over today, not bad either. Would like to get the chapter finished by Tuesday night so I'll have it for critique on Wednesday.

Have much rewriting to do on the first 15 chapters, and must admit am putting that off - am even putting off reading it. One of these days.

Must get back to my desk. . .

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holidays are approaching!!

Here it is November 12 - and we're (family) making plans for TG and Xmas . . . and New Years already. Rich really wants to go to Las Vegas for New Years. It would be fun, but without knowing anyone there, or going down with another couple or two (which would really be fun), I'm having trouble getting up for it. It sounded like a good idea in the beginning - in fact it was definately a "yes, let's do it." But the more time I have to think about it, the less appealing it sounds. We're not gamblers . . . but there are all the shows and big New Years Eve dances and parties. But there's also the hassel of getting there (airports I'm not into, particularily during the holidays). Then there's the hassel of finding our way around, where to go and how to get there . . . am I sounding like too much of a bah humbuger? Hum-m-m . . .
Sad day, Friday - Dave Neuhause, voice of the Mariners died suddenly of a heart attack. Whole city is grieving. He was really something.

Chris W. is participating in nanowrimo and has written around 25,000 words since
Nov 1!!! How does she do that??? It takes me a week to write 10,000 - and most of the time I don't do that. I'm pooped out or out of ideas after 4 pages - have to talk to her about that.
Am on chapter 18 of Harry - have decided there may be a sequel to this book. Was thinking about it the other day, and keeping Harry around for another book or two seems like a good idea. First I'd better concentrate on finishing this first one.

Sunday - November 14 - Whew . . . Rich announced this morning that he thinks maybe I'm right about rethinking the Las Vegas trip. I just smiled and said I thought he was right (sort of letting him think it was his idea to cancel) - there would be a goodly amount of money spent had we gone in that direction and I probably wouldn't have minded if we knew for sure it wouldn't be a disappointment. Our "get-away" to eastern WA this summer was a total disappointment, and I'm not in the mood for seconds. Anyway, now we're talking Portland - taking the train down, which would be fun - there's some type of NY Eve bash going on down there - so will call tomorrow and see if tickets are still available. Rich has asked for 4 days off, so would be fun.
Need to totally get organized with my time, writing, life. Waste entirely too much time goofing off at the computer - get nothing done around the house - need to completely clean out my closet, get rid of a bunch of stuff - need to paint the office and our bedroom. Need to finish doing some cute things I have in mind for the TV room - and we need to do some major upgrading to the main bathroom. Then . . . I HAVE TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT!! Ugh. And I need to finished this book!!! Think I'll start early on my new year's resolutions.

And now here it is the 15th (tomorrow) of November - we have about 6 more weeks left in 2010. Where in the hell did the year go??

Monday, November 1, 2010

November?? Are you sure?

Okay, so the year is passing me by and I didn't even know I was standing still. Today is November 1, the beginning to Nanowrimo - I was actually toying with the idea of attempting this this year - the idea being to write 50,000 words between November 1 and 30. Have actually nothing in mind and really should be working on Harry. I'm still at the Halloween party at the B & B and Nick's ex-wife shows up - the plot thickens. Have to go back and rework a lot of this book, and just keep putting it off for whatever reason - under the microscope it looks like fear of tons of work. And probably the microscope isn't lying.
The Authors Event, Write In The Valley, went well. Lots of work, but worth it, I think. Another new critique group evolved from it - all very young, new writers.
Finished a short story to enter in the Writer's Digest Short-Shorts contest. Both critique groups have looked at it, so will mail that off this week. Election Day tomorrow - so glad that's over.
Ugly, rainy, chilly day today. Supposed to be nice the rest of the week however. Good day to stay home and write.
And that's what I'm going to do upon closure of this!!!