Monday, December 13, 2010


Well, actually eleven days until Christmas Eve. Have most of my Christmas shopping done - have the outside lights up but have done nothing to the inside. Have baking yet to do for the neighbors and not sure when I'm going to get to it - have a bunch of stuff going on this week.
Marion called me over the weekend and invited me to a luncheon tomorrow at the Rainier Golf & Country Club. Haven't seen her since our wedding. Three other gals I haven't seen since Larry and I divorced are also going to be there - 25 years! Will be fun. They don't know I'm coming. Marion also called to ask if she could copy my Xmas letter and send out to various friends. Way flattering. I've had five or six people now either call, email or send me a note telling me how much they enjoyed the Christmas letter.
Have critique Wednesday - have written nothing, so nothing to bring to that - huh . . . maybe the Christmas letter? Have critique Thursday - will take Chapter 17 - that will be the last meeting for that group until January.
Thursday evening the Arts Commission is meeting for dinner at Mama Sortini's and Friday night we're going to JazzBones to hear Maia - then maybe either Puyallup or Auburn after that to dance.
Guess I'm going to have to start moving faster!!!

Have been thinking (as usual) about SAH and I'm thinking I need to set up more conflict - so instead of Nick telling Tina "no thanks" I'm going to have him meet her later - Katie is going to think he's hanging around and Harry also warns him about getting tangled up with Tina again. But - she's got that magnetic power Nick finds so hard to resist.
Have so much revising to do on this book it's scary. Absolutely have to set a writing schedule for myself and STICK TO IT. THAT'S GOING TO BE MY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION!!!!