Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holidays are approaching!!

Here it is November 12 - and we're (family) making plans for TG and Xmas . . . and New Years already. Rich really wants to go to Las Vegas for New Years. It would be fun, but without knowing anyone there, or going down with another couple or two (which would really be fun), I'm having trouble getting up for it. It sounded like a good idea in the beginning - in fact it was definately a "yes, let's do it." But the more time I have to think about it, the less appealing it sounds. We're not gamblers . . . but there are all the shows and big New Years Eve dances and parties. But there's also the hassel of getting there (airports I'm not into, particularily during the holidays). Then there's the hassel of finding our way around, where to go and how to get there . . . am I sounding like too much of a bah humbuger? Hum-m-m . . .
Sad day, Friday - Dave Neuhause, voice of the Mariners died suddenly of a heart attack. Whole city is grieving. He was really something.

Chris W. is participating in nanowrimo and has written around 25,000 words since
Nov 1!!! How does she do that??? It takes me a week to write 10,000 - and most of the time I don't do that. I'm pooped out or out of ideas after 4 pages - have to talk to her about that.
Am on chapter 18 of Harry - have decided there may be a sequel to this book. Was thinking about it the other day, and keeping Harry around for another book or two seems like a good idea. First I'd better concentrate on finishing this first one.

Sunday - November 14 - Whew . . . Rich announced this morning that he thinks maybe I'm right about rethinking the Las Vegas trip. I just smiled and said I thought he was right (sort of letting him think it was his idea to cancel) - there would be a goodly amount of money spent had we gone in that direction and I probably wouldn't have minded if we knew for sure it wouldn't be a disappointment. Our "get-away" to eastern WA this summer was a total disappointment, and I'm not in the mood for seconds. Anyway, now we're talking Portland - taking the train down, which would be fun - there's some type of NY Eve bash going on down there - so will call tomorrow and see if tickets are still available. Rich has asked for 4 days off, so would be fun.
Need to totally get organized with my time, writing, life. Waste entirely too much time goofing off at the computer - get nothing done around the house - need to completely clean out my closet, get rid of a bunch of stuff - need to paint the office and our bedroom. Need to finish doing some cute things I have in mind for the TV room - and we need to do some major upgrading to the main bathroom. Then . . . I HAVE TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT!! Ugh. And I need to finished this book!!! Think I'll start early on my new year's resolutions.

And now here it is the 15th (tomorrow) of November - we have about 6 more weeks left in 2010. Where in the hell did the year go??

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