Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow, snow, go away . . .

Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the snow is still on the ground and the bitter cold is still with us . . . BUT, the sun is out and it's supposed to start raining and warm up tomorrow. Yeah!! Rich went into work today - said roads weren't bad - I remain a winter wuss - namely a snow and ice wuss, thus I will remain in my little warm house.
No critique today - actually wasn't planning to go anyway because as stated above . . .
So I shall write. All is quiet here, desk is cleared and organized once again, house is clean, wash is done - I have no excuses left. Chapter 18 will be completed by this evening. Must take the time to read through entire book thus far and find all those loose ends I've let dangle. Events have happened throughout this book that I didn't see coming. While I feel I'm staying on track, there are happenings that should lead to something else that I don't feel I've gone full circle on yet. Much work to be done!!
FINALLY received my postcard back from Writer's Digest Short Short contest stating they received my entry. Was beginning to wonder as had heard nothing, check hadn't been cashed, etc. Have a feeling they received hundreds, if not thousands of entries. Not holding my breath for any amazing results.

Would like to begin Christmas shopping this weekend - Friday will be wild. Snow will be pretty much gone and everyone and their dog will be out there, not only because that's normally the biggest shopping day of the year, but now because of the snow, everyone has cabin fever - may just do a local yocal thing - or wait until Sat.
For now it's into the shower and then writing. Ta-da.

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