Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Better Day

Except for the fact that I'm worried about Davin - and hopefully that will go away within the next 48 hours - I think it's going to be a better day.

Started writing again yesterday!!! Haven't done much of that for the past month. It's called recovering from "Nadineism." Hate it when I let her do that to me. But, I'm back to Chapter 17 of SAH, and it's going pretty well. Haven't thought much about what happens in the book after that, but guess I'll deal with that when I get there.

No critique groups this week - Renton Writers broke for the summer last week - won't meet again until September; the Wednesday group only had two members who were going to be in town this week, so we cancelled - critiquing with two isn't productive. It actually has been a nice break - think I needed that as opposed to scrambling two days before to get something prepared to read. Don't like to show up empty handed. Anyway, if I can stay a couple of chapters ahead, that will make me happy. Still would like to finish that book by Sept. or Oct. -

Golfed with the league yesterday - had a fun time - would love to go golfing again today, but don't really have anyone to go with and don't like going alone. Maybe if Rich gets home early, we can run out and play 9 holes.
Meantime, I'll get back to writing.

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