Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Found a flaw

It's now June, and the drippy, overcast weather continues. We've been on the deck so far maybe twice, have golfed in drizzle and peek-a-boo sun - am so ready for warm weather and continuous sunny days!!
Discovered a huge flaw in the book - how I didn't see this before, I have no idea - think when I rush to get a chapter or scene done for critique on Wednesdays, I only write to have something compelling to read, without planning it out - it's called writing by the seat of your pants. My bad!
Anyway, I have stated in something like chapter 13 or 14, via my character Sara, Katie's mother, that for the past year, Harry has used one of the computers at the bookstore, supposedly to do genealogy. HOWEVER - in chapter two I have Katie reminding us of one of Harry's pet peeves: Harry hated the Internet and computers, thus he would NEVER have gone to the bookstore and used a computer. So, chapter 17 has to go. Also, have begun a "scissors in hand" editing job on the entire book - I'm currently ready to start a new chapter 17, and will go straight to the Halloween party - thinking this needs to be a big turning point in the book. Strange things need to happen, and Harry isn't necessarily the cause of them. Nick is approached by someone at the party about selling the B & B and decides he will; puts up for sale sign - Katie's furious. However, meantime Nick realizes before this place can sell, he needs to do some serious work on it as more and more things begin to break, etc. Prior to the party Harry tells Nick about Anna's journal (that has yet to be found) and that there are bonds or money or something hidden within the walls of that house. I think I also need to go back and have Katie find Harry's notes in the back of the ledger - then later, those pages are missing.
Also, I need to have Snoop drop something else at Nick's doorstep - maybe the torn out pages of the ledger with Harry's notes.
Have to bring more mystery into the book about that house and have to go back and bring in more sexual tension between Nick and Katie.
Have lots of work to do on that book!!!!! Can I finish it before September? Only if I write on it EVERY day.

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