Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday (yesterday's blog should have said Tuesday)
When the weather's beautiful, as it was today, it's difficult to find that chair glue.  My excuse was Kate's program in Bremerton.  She turned out to be the recipient of the President's award for scholastic achievement.  Nice.  I have smart and talented grandkids.
Read over the chapter I wrote yesterday, and I really like it.  Am still on tract to have five chapters written by this time next week.  Have my Renton group tomorrow, and of course since we're up to chapter 10 with them, they won't hear any of the rewrites until September - what they're hearing tomorrow will probably all go away, but . . .
Need to get this book finished by the end of October - four months.  I can do it.  Just need to set my goals and stay on track.
More sun tomorrow?  Laptop outside? (lots of reflection on the laptop screen outside - wish I could find a way to work out there productively - hmmmm????)

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