Monday, May 24, 2010

Adding a twist

Mailed the letter to Nadine Friday - she should have received it either Saturday or today. Have heard nothing from her - but doubt the silence will hold. She's not the suffer (sulk) in silence type. So we'll see - meantime . . . have figured out (I think) what my story twist will be at this stage of the book. Have established that Nick has visited The Secret Bookstore in Westbay numerous times in the past 10 days, but has only stopped at the B & B once. Katie discovers this when she stops at the bookstore to leave something with her mother. Sara (Katie's mother) doesn't tell her that Nick has inquired about a promise Harry made to her, lest Katie think Sara is meddling in her business, however we discover later that that's one of the reasons Nick stopped in the second time. Since then he's been using one of the computers at the bookstore to get into Harry's geneology search site. Harry gave him the password. Note: It occurred to me: why then, if he has the password, wouldn't he use a computer closer to home? Decided Harry has fixed it so the password only works on the bookstore computer.
Nick's curious about what Harry's been searching for.
While on the computer, Nick also does some research on realtors. He's thinking more and more about selling the B & B.
Am also thinking, the night of the Halloween party, someone approaches Nick about selling the B & B. Not sure which idea I'll go with yet.

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