Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wed's midnight thoughts in Thur's daylight

Thursday - May 13 - am rethinking my first chapter. As it stands, it's probably too slow, doesn't pull the reader in fast enough and, although it gives a picture of the premise, albeit somewhat blurred, it needs to be much stronger. I wrote that first chapter years ago. It's gone through numerous tweakings, even rewrites, but not a complete "dump and start over." I've revamped the rest of the book A LOT - added more characters, added more plot, subplot - two critique groups LOVE it - but again, they get to read it in fits and starts. Would (could) they catch the overall flow of the book?
In rereading my old chapters 15 - 19 - I'm dumping them. Nothing much happens. And I'm to a point where something dramatic, shocking, surprising, 90 degree turn thing, has to happen.
EEEEEkkkkkkkkk - pulling my hair!!! Writing is work!!!

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